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Outdoor Living Areas

Nice weather means ample outdoor relaxation and social time. Whether you have entertaining, relaxing, cooking, or swimming in mind, we have the solution to meet your needs.

An outdoor kitchen is a unique space for families and friends to gather. Typical components include a refrigerator, grill, sink, wood fire oven, lighting, cabinetry, a food preparation area, and eating space. Any number of these components brought together in one design makes outdoor cooking and entertaining extremely convenient by allowing all food preparation to be carried out in one area. The mess is kept outside and no excess heat is emitted inside during the hot summer months. In addition to its convenience, an outdoor kitchen is beneficial in the long run because of the value added to your property.

Similar outdoor cooking devices include fireplaces or fire pits.

Swimming pools are popular destinations in the hot summer months. While most are beautiful by themselves, there’s an opportunity to turn them into an individual’s oasis.

Take the opportunity to transform your pool area into the ultimate entertainment and relaxation getaway by adding a beautiful paver patio, intimate seating, eating spaces, and lush landscaping.

Both of these features provide aesthetically pleasing, functional, focal points for comfortable gathering spaces. Like an outdoor kitchen, food can be prepared from these alternative heat sources and entertaining can take place late into the evening, as well as the fall and winter seasons.

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