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Sometimes, touching and seeing a product in person is the best way to feel confident that you’re getting exactly what you want. That’s why you should visit our Scott City showroom. Bloomfield Road Landscape stocks and displays a wide variety of landscaping products including stone and brick pavers, fire pits and more. Whatever your budget or goals are, we can’t wait to meet you and discuss your home or commercial landscaping ideas.


Our Top-Quality Landscape Products

  • Outdoor Grill

    Smokin Brothers

    We carry a wide range of Smokin Brothers barbecue products including their pellet grills, unblended wood pellets, seasonings, sauces and accessories. All of their warranty-covered products are made in America. Stop by to get your favorite Smokin Brothers grills, pellets and seasonings.
    Learn more or download the brochure.

  • Stone

    Earthworks Stone

    You can find in our store a selection of stone products from Earthworks Stone including pavers, veneers, flagstones, stone edging materials, steps, brickwork and more. You will be sure to find the exact color, texture, and mood that will complement your design concept. Learn more.

  • Mulch

    Bulk Mulch

    Need mulch for your landscaping project? We have a variety of bulk mulch for sale:

    • Hardwood
    • Red Dyed
    • Brown Dyed
    • Black Dyed
    • Cedar

    Mulch is invaluable for tree health and care because it insulates the soil, and provides a buffer from hot and cold temperatures. Mulch retains water to help keep roots moist. Additionally, it keeps weeds out to help prevent root competition. Mulch retains water which helps to conserve moisture needed by the tree’s root system. Mulch also assists in weed control. By reducing weeds, a huge competitor for moisture, more moisture is available to the tree’s root system allowing the tree to live and grow with minimal stress from lack of water.

  • Premade Fire Kit

    Pre-made Fire Kits

    Build your own fire pit using a pre-made kit. We stock a variety of fire pit sizes, finishes and shapes, so you can find the right installation for your yard, budget and expected usage. Swing by our store to browse your options and get professional advice from our team.

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